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Creating versus Fixing

a new home for my lemongrass

My thoughts this month were inspired by the gorgeous Tonya Leigh, who is a life coach in Colorado and blogs here. In a recent video, Tonya highlighted the difference between fixing and creating.

Too often, we end up on the hamster wheel of self improvement, trying to fix all the things that are "wrong" with our lives, leading to a cycle of fatigue, burnout, and feeling inadequate. Instead maybe we should concentrate on creating what we want and need:  

  • I'm not trying to fix the mess that is my front courtyard. I am creating a beautiful garden.
  • I'm not trying to fix my stress. I am quietly and patiently creating a meditation practice.
  • I'm not trying to fix my schedule. I am inching toward creating white space in my calendar.
  • I'm not trying to fix my disorganized closet. I am creating a simple and attractive wardrobe that makes getting dressed in the morning easy.
  • I'm not trying to fix the number on the scale. I am creating a beautiful and strong body.
  • You?

 I know that it's just semantics. But sometimes re-framing how we think our thoughts can turn a task or a chore into a creative joy.

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