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Float Therapy

Float Therapy is a new method I've been exploring to soothe and heal stress. I've been to Float Spa San Diego, which has soundproof and lightproof fiberglass enclosed tanks filled with water heated exactly to skin temperature. They also add Epsom Salts with a very high concentration of magnesium. The resultant high density water allows you to float completely without effort. Even your head floats without sinking.

Due to the high salt levels in the water, the floatation tank creates a zero gravity environment. It allows you to (try to) relax every single muscle and find those tense areas you are holding so you can (try to) let them go. The total darkness and total silence contribute to a peace in which you don't have to **do** anything. There's nothing to process and nothing to adjust.

The first time a friend recommended that I try this form of relaxation, I was skeptical. "I'll be bored," I thought. "I'll be claustrophic if I have to stay in there and do nothing for a whole hour."

One hour later, I was a believer. The whole experience was like meditation, but easier because it didn't require the constant decision to ignore stimuli. The only thing that stood in the way of relaxation were the thoughts in my own brain. Once they alone were front and center, it was much easier to see that I could choose to let them go.

I'd compare the experience to a really good yoga class or a massage, and I'd definitely recommend it for people who would like to meditate and find it difficult.


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