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Happy Birthday Gilchrist Dermatology

My practice made its one-year anniversary 2 weeks ago. The first year was filled with mistakes, growth, joy, love, and endless tweaking. What a journey it was--but how do I know where I am going? Glory, the federal and state governments, the insurance companies, medical specialty boards, the city of Encinitas, and endless other varieties of regulatory entities seem to have a big say in the where and how of conducting my practice...but the part I love is the part that is uniquely me. I've put tons of thought into how I want an experience in my office to look and feel, and even how it should taste and smell. Am I doing it "correctly"?

I can only quote the fantastic Kimberly Wilson when she says: "one thing i've learned over the years and is not to compare my insides to anyone else's outsides. ponder this one for a while. it's a juicy statement."


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