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I believe that...

"Happiest girls are the prettiest girls..." Audrey Hepburn

And I believe that the happiest girls are those who take care of all parts of themselves: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Therefore, in the interest of great skin, I try to remember that I am a whole being. Yes, even on the days I don't have time. Especially on the days I don't have time.

Here are a few suggestions for self care:

1. Physical. Take a yoga class. Go for a run or a walk on the beach. Make a large salad or a green smoothie. Sleep 8 hours.

2. Mental. Organize your planner. Journal your thoughts. Read a good book. Follow an inspiring blog. Start a creative project.

3. Emotional. Cuddle your pet or walk a potential one. Talk through it with a friend. Call your mom. Listen to music that moves you.

4. Spiritual. Meditate. Seek spaces that feel sacred to you. Be curious. Ask why.

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