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July Special: Standard Process chamomile 1:2 tincture, 25% off

The ratio 1:2 means that 2 milliliters of the final extract are equivalent to 1 gram (or 1000 mg) of the dried herb. This ratio is about the strongest that can realistically be obtained. Tinctures labeled 1:1 are rarely possible to actually make, depending on the herb. Concentrations of 1:2 are much more potent than taking the same dried herb in capsule form.

I generally recommend that my anxious patients take 5 milliliters of 1:2 chamomile tincture, twice a day.

For the month of July, 200 ml bottles are 25% off. (Regularly $44.50, sale price $33.37.)

Offer good only through July 31, 2016.

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